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lsmsa 2012-2013 [Mar. 2nd, 2013|05:55 pm]
LSMSA United


So this blog was pretty much every reason I wanted to come to LSMSA. It sounded like an amazing academic and social heaven. I think that after the graduation and/or expulsion of last year's seniors, this ideaology has died.

1) The term gifties is no longer accepted. Most people hate it
2) We have sophomores
3) Miss Sharon is no longer here
4) Dr. Bier is leaving, Dr. Art may be leaving,
5) New Chemistry teacher is terrible. Other new teachers are always absent.
6) The school has a lot of 'normal' people, who mock the 'weird' kids
7) There are only 95 seniors left. The most people have been kicked out/dropped out across the grades this year.
8) The most interesting thing that happened this year are secret love notes floating around sophomores, and a bomb threat Monday.
9) Jenny may be leaving
10) End of The World is no longer played at dances; instead We Are Young is played.
11) The Steamin' Demon has closed for good.
12) A "CaddoGossip" twitter page was started to spread Caddo Gossip, did not really get off to a good start.
1) A lot of dumb people. 

[User Picture]From: kalvadar
2013-05-25 08:18 am (UTC)
Well I have to congratulate you on your ten year mark of graduating. If you are at the reunion, I hope you have a good time. Might I inquire who this is?
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[User Picture]From: dramacelli
2013-06-15 01:33 am (UTC)
Brigitte. How have you been?
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